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Frequently Used Git Commands

Frequently Used Git Commands

1. Set your Identity to your repo

git config --global "Sandeep Kumar Dan"
git config --global

Help:-- List all config details "git config --List"

2. Create new local repo

git init

3. Clone new repo to local

git clone <”remote repo path”> (It creates working copy in local)

4. Add files to your working repo

git add or git add -a or git add *

5. Git Commit in local repo

git commit -m “your message”

git commit -a (Without message file add and commit)

6. Update Remote repo

git push origin

7. Check Git status of working repo

git status

AngularJs UI Route script

'use strict';
|This is a webmasters custom angularjs
var webapp = angular.module('webmastersApp', ['oc.lazyLoad','ui.router']);

webapp.config(['$stateProvider','$urlRouterProvider','$ocLazyLoadProvider',function ($stateProvider,$urlRouterProvider,$ocLazyLoadProvider) {



.state('dashboard', {
url: '/dashboard',
templateUrl: '/templates/webmasters/dashboard.html',
controller: 'dashboardController',
resolve: {
loadMyFiles:function($ocLazyLoad) {
return $ocLazyLoad.load({

Basic GIT Commands to manage project in github


These are the following basic GIT commands to manage codes on GIT-Hub.

1. Download project to local repository

git clone '{{http://github-url}}'

2. To check project status / branch

git status